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Terms and Conditions

Customer Charter

All suppliers who register with us to access our site have agreed to abide by our Customer Charter. In order that we can monitor our suppliers' commitment to the Charter, please notify us of any complaints via our Customer Complaint Form.

Our suppliers agree to:

  1. Provide a 30 day warranty on all parts supplied, provided that you have followed any maintenance instructions that have been issued (eg use of new engine oil where an engine has been supplied).
  2. Replace any part that is unsuitable without quibble provided that this is notified to the supplier within 7 days of receipt.
  3. Ensure that it only provides parts that it has the legal right to sell.
  4. Deal with customer complaints promptly and fairly.
  5. Quote only on items that they are reasonably able to despatch within a 48 hour period, unless an alternative time period is agreed in advance with the customer.
  6. Comply with all relevant legislation in relation to the supply of goods.
  7. Use any personal data in relation to you purely for the purposes for which that data was supplied and not to disclose this information to any third party without your written consent.

Terms & Conditions

You agree that your use of the service provided by this website is subject to the terms & conditions set out below.

1.     Definitions

In these terms and conditions:

"We" means 1st Choice Spares UK Limited whose registered office address is 11 Brooks Meadow Poringland Norwich NR14 7TP

"You" means a customer who wishes to use the Service;

"Request" means a request by you for a quotation from Suppliers for the supply of new and/or second hand car parts and accessories;

"Supplier" means a person, company or other organisation who provides a quotation in response to a Request made by you and who has registered with us as a supplier.

2.      Our Role/liabilities

2.1    We do not supply vehicle parts or services. We simply operate this site as a means for you to contact potential Suppliers who may be able to respond to your Request.

2.2    As a parts location service rather than a supplier, we have no control over, and take no responsibility for the quality, safety or legality of items supplied by any Supplier.

2.3    We do not review quotes made by the Suppliers and do not have any control over, and take no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any quote given.

2.4    We are not responsible to make any payment or delivery of goods which you order as a result of a Request.

2.5    As we are independent from the Suppliers, we recommend that you make a note of the telephone numbers and names of the Supplier(s) from whom you receive quotations as we may not be aware of all Suppliers who contact you with a quote. 

2.6    If you decide to accept a quotation provided by a Supplier, your contract will be direct with the Supplier and it is your responsibility to check and agree the terms of contract direct with them.  Consequently, we are unable to accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for: 

(i)       any parts or services purchased from any Supplier; or

(ii)     any damage or loss that may result from their subsequent use; or

(iii)     any other breach of contract, misrepresentation or act of negligence on the part of the Supplier.

2.7    Nothing within this clause restricts any liability of the Supplier to you for the quality of any parts or services that they supply.

2.8    The Suppliers will provide you with a guarantee in respect of any purchase.  It is essential, however, that you read the terms of any guarantee carefully to ensure that you do not invalidate any guarantee by failing to follow any instructions given by the Supplier. 


3.1   Online, Email and Telephone quotes from Suppliers are sent free and without obligation.

4.     Text Quotes

4.1 To avoid sending unwanted text quotes, either to those customers who wish to only speak with suppliers over the phone or if a mobile number is entered incorrectly, we send a free message to inform you that quotes are ready to be sent.

4.2 When ready to receive them, you simply reply with a text containing the word NOW. This verifies your request to receive quotes by Text and you will be charged for two £1.50 messages to cover the cost of providing this service.

4.3 Once a mobile has been confirmed in this way, you are also allowed to make unlimited new or repeat requests with ALL subsequent text quotes sent to you for a further 5 days, without any additional charge.

4.4 In the event you should use the text service again to locate spares after the 5 day period has expired, two new charged messages of £1.50 will be made but you will of course have a new 5 day period to make new or repeat requests, receiving all subsequent text quotes in that period without further charge.

The Suppliers

5.1 We value the integrity of this site and the service that it provides.  Whilst we can give no guarantees as to the integrity of the Suppliers, all Suppliers agree to adhere to our Customer Charter, which can be found on our web-site. 

5.2 We do monitor and review the performance of the Suppliers and if appropriate remove them from our network of Suppliers if we deem it to be necessary.  In order to assist us with this process, if you are dissatisfied with the Service that you have received or if you believe that the Supplier has failed to adhere to our Customer Charter, please let us know via our Customer Complaint Form.

5.3 We do strongly recommend that you verify any Supplier that has made contact with you is a registered member of the Service by requesting they send you a quote via this site.  

6.    Data Protection

By using the Service you acknowledge and accept that we will share the personal data that you have provided on our on line enquiry form with Suppliers.  Whilst we ask all Suppliers to use your personal data in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 ("the Act"), we do not accept any liability for any breach of the Act that they commit.

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